Frequently Asked Questions’

What ages do you work with?

We work primarily with 7 – 16 year olds but we can also provide sessions for 5 years olds all the way through to adults (male & female).

Do you work with all levels of ability?

We believe that soccer is a game for everyone. We work with everyone from complete beginners to players aiming to play professionally.

How much do sessions cost?

Our sessions are very affordable however the cost will vary depending on time, number of sessions and your specific goals – contact us to find out more.

Can we book more than one session?

Yes, you are able to book one, or multiple sessions.

How long do sessions last?

Our typical sessions run for an hour and a half. We are able to offer one hour sessions or train for longer depending upon your needs.

Do you offer group training?

Yes, although we focus on individual training, small groups are fine and we’re also able to accommodate teams that would like to work with one of our coaches.

What do we need to bring?

Please bring a drink, suitable footwear and clothing – be mindful of the weather! Shin guards are optional for an individual session. Your coach will bring balls and equipment.

Do you offer soccer fitness training?

Yes, if you would like your focus to primarily be on fitness for soccer just let us know. Our sessions can be completely fitness based or a combination of fitness and technical work.

I am a coach, can I work for Soccer City UK?

Our coaching staff is a very select group that have proven their abilities to provide a first class service to our clients; we aren’t looking to expand our team just yet. However if you feel you have something to offer please get in touch via the contact page.

Have another question?

Don’t hesitate to ask! Click here to contact us.